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Volume I, Number 1: April 1974

Editor's Note

    Jack Meathenia

Mark Twain Talks Mostly about Humor and Humorists

    Louis J. Budd

Josh Billings on Lecturing and Humor: Some Recently Discovered Letters

    David B. Kesterson

Immigrant Stereotypes: 1880–1900

    William R. Linneman

Peter De Vries: The Case for Comic Seriousness

    Craig Challender


Poe's Fiction: Romantic Irony in the Gothic Tales by G. R. Thompson

    J. Gerald Kennedy

The Schlemiel as Modern Hero by Ruth R. Wisse

    Clifford J. Ronan

The Humor of the American Cowboy by Stan Hoig

    Donald L. Clarke

Veins of Humor edited by Harry Levin

    Jack Meathenia

Comic Terror: The Novels of John Hawkes by Donald J. Greiner

    J. J. Johnson

The Comic Imagination in American Literature edited by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

    M. Thomas Inge

Volume I, Number 2: October 1974

The Crass Humor of Irving's Diedrich Knickerbocker

    Marvin E. Mengeling

The Fugitive Slave as Humorist

    James W. Clark, Jr.

The Ambassadors: A Comedy of Musing and Manners

    Sarah Blacher Cohen

The Cowboy Saint and the Indian Poet: The Comic Hero in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    Carol Pearson

Catch-22 and Angry Humor: A Study of the Normative Values of Satire

    James Nagel

The "Dismal Merry-Making" in Hawthorne's Comic Vision

    James G. Janssen


Knave, Fool, and Genius: The Confidence Man as He Appears in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction by Susan Kublmann

    Mary Ann Wimsatt

Saul Bellow's Enigmatic Laughter by Sarah Blacher Cohen

    Sharon Weinstein

Tar Heel Laughter by Richard Walser

    Peter L. Abernethy

A Cheerful Nihilism: Confidence and the Absurd in American Humorous Fiction

by Richard Boyd Hauck

    Helen Hanicak

Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw) by David B. Kesterson

    Larry W. Cook

Volume I, Number 3: January 1975

Mark Twain's Other Masterpiece: "Jim Baker's Blue-Jay Yarn"

    Walter Blair

A Particular Kind of Joking: Burlesque, Vaudeville, and Nathanael West

    I. Lloyd Michaels

Pathos with a Chuckle: The Tragicomic Vision in the Novels of Carson McCullers

    Charlene Kerne Clark

T.S. Eliot's Book of Practical Cats

    Molly Best Tinsley

The Triple Thrust of Satire in Melville's Short Stories: Society, the Narrator, and the Reader

    R. Bruce Bickley, Jr.

Volume II, Number 1: April 1975

Special Issue in Honor of Walter Blair

Some Flapdoodle for Walter

    Hamlin Hill

Humor in Franklin's Hoaxes and Satires

    Richard E. Amacher

Pudd'nhead Wilson as Fabulation

    John C. Gerber

W. D. Howells and "the ridiculous human heart"

    William M. Gibson

Varieties of Satire in the Art of Nathanael West

    James F. Light

As I Lay Dying and `"Dementia Praecox" Humor

    Matthew Little

A Checklist of the Writings of Walter Blair

    John O. Rosenbalm


Volume II, Number 2: October 1975

Terra Cognitia: The Humor of Vladimir Nabokov

    James M. Haule

The Comedy of Frank Norris's McTeague

    Joseph R. McElrath, Jr.

Voices of Humor in Nathaniel Ward

    Jean F. Beranger

". . . such a devotee of Venus is our Capt . . .": The Use and Abuse of Smith's Generall Historie in John Barth's The Sot-Weed Factor

    Joseph Weixlmann

A "Want-List" for the Study of American Humor

    Arlin Turner

Research Needs in Non-Literary American Humor

    M. Thomas Inge

A Revisionist Perspective on Mark Twain

    David E. E. Sloane


Irreverent Pilgrims: Melville, Browne and Mark Twain in the Holy Land by Franklin Walker

    John T. Smith

Melville and the Art of Burlesque by Joseph Flibbert

    Charles N. Watson, Jr.

The Frontier Humorists: Critical Views edited by M. Thomas Inge

    John Q. Reed

Henry James and the Comic Form by Ronald Wallace

    Norris Yates

Volume II, Number 3: January 1976

Editor's Notes

    Louis J. Budd

Mark Twain's Comedy: The 1870s

    David E. E. Sloane

"English Notes": A Book Mark Twain Abandoned

    Robert Regan

The Formation of Samuel L. Clemens' Library

    Alan Gribben

Of Detectives and Their Derring-Do: The Genesis of Mark Twain's "The Stolen White Elephant"

    Howard G. Baetzhold

The Useful and the Useless River: Life on the Mississippi Revisited

    Stanley Brodwin

Mark Twain's Theory of Realism; or The Science of Piloting

    Sherwood Cummings

Volume III, Number 1: April 1976

Modern American Humor

    Jesse Bier

Humorous Views of Yellow Journalism

    William R. Linneman

Humor in Colonial Almanacs

    Marion Barber Stowell


Comedy and America: The Lost World of Washington Irving by Martin Roth

    E. G. Cone

Humor in America: An Anthology edited by Enid Vernon
    Karl Ames

Volume III, Number 2: October, 1976

Special Issue in Honor of Arlin Turner

Editor's Note

    Jack Meathenia

"A Well-Intended Halfness": Emerson's View of Leaves of Grass

    Jerome Loving

Cooper's Anti-Intellectualism: The Comic Man of Learning

    J. Gerald Kennedy

Inexpressibles in Southwestern Humor

    Milton Rickels

Jack London's Yokohama Swim and His First Tall Tale

    Charles N. Watson, Jr.

The Uses of Enchantment in Frontier Humor and The Robber Bridegroom

    Merrill Maguire Skaggs

The Kindred Artist; or, The Case of the Black Cat

    John Harmon McElroy

Simms and Southwest Humor

    Mary Ann Wimsatt

Volume III, Number 3: January 1977

Editor's Note

    Mary Ann Wimsatt

From Scatology to Social History: Captain Billy's Whiz Bang

    William Coyle

A Visit with Radio Humorist Chester Lauck (Lum Edwards)

    David B. Kesterson

Panning for Gold: Researching Humor in the Spirit of the Times

    Richard Boyd Hauck and Dean Margaret Hauck

Native Humor in Simms's Fiction and Drama

    Mary Ann Wimsatt

The Humor of Henry Ward Beecher

    William Peirce Randel

Flannery O'Connor's Humor with a Serious Purpose

    Thomas F. Gossett

Volume 1 [New Series], Number 1: June 1982

Special Issue in Honor of Jack Meathenia

Editor's Note

    John O. Rosenbalm

For Jack

    John O. Rosenbalm

Who Wants to Go to Hell? An Unsigned Sketch by Mark Twain?

    Louis J. Budd

The Funny Fondled Fairytale Frog

    Walter Blair

Mark Twain, Business Man: The Margins of Profit

    Alan Gribben

The Literary Comedians and the Language of Humor

    David B. Kesterson

"This is My Place": The Short Films Made from Flannery O'Connor's Short Fiction

    Jane Elizabeth Archer

Col. Crockett's Exploits and Adventures in Texas: Death and Transfiguration

    William Bedford Clark

Volume 1 [New Series], Number 2: October, 1982

Laughter in The Pioneers

    Leland Krauth

Sut's Travels with Dad

    Robert Micklus

The Allusive Mode, the Absurd and Black Humor in William Gaddis's The Recognitions

    Elaine B. Safer

Laughing Society to Scorn: The Domestic Farces of William Dean Howells

    Brenda Murphy

Mark Twain and Ulysses S. Grant

    Kay Moser

Review Essay

Aiming for the Middle: The Renown and Neglect of Don Marquis (Don Marquis by Lynn Lee), Bill Nye (Bill Nye by David B. Kesterson), and Frank Stockton (Frank Stockton by Henry L. Golemba)

    Carol Miller


Mark Twain as a Literary Comedian by David E. E. Sloane

    David B. Kesterson

Cavorting on the Devil's Fork: The Pete Whetstone Letters of C. F. M. Nolan

edited by Leonard Williams

    Norman Yates

Volume 1 [New Series], Number 3: February, 1983

Some Echoes of English Literature in Frontier Vernacular Humor

    John Q. Rees

Garp's World, Irving's Laughter

    Merrill M. Skaggs

Sensuality, Revenge, and Freedom: Women in Sut Lovingood's Yarns

    William E. Lenz

Thalia Pops Her Girdle: Humor in the Novels of Peter De Vries

    D. G. Kehl

The "Abbreviated Ejaculation" in Huckleberry Finn

    David W. Hiscoe


Critical Approaches to Mark Twain’s Short Stories edited by Elizabeth McMahan

    Peter A. Scholl

Ben Franklin Laughing: Anecdotes from Original Sources by and about Ben Franklin edited by P. M. Zall

    Merrill M. Skaggs

Washington Irving by May Weatherspoon Bowden

    William Bedford Clark


Volume 2 [New Series], Number 1: Spring 1983

Special Issue Honoring Thomas Berger (Part 1)

Observations from a Correspondence: Letters from Thomas Berger

    Zulfikar Ghose

Berger, Burlesque, and the Yearning For Comedy

    Michael Malone

Crazy in Berlin as Ethnic Comedy

    Myron Simon

Alien Encounter: Thomas Berger's Neighbors as a Critique of Existential Humanism
    John Carlos Rowe
The Whole Kit and Caboodle: Language as Irony in Thomas Berger's Neighbors and Sneaky People
    Brooks Landon
Thomas Berger's "Joyful! Worship" A Study of Form and Parody
    Jean P. Moore

Volume 2 [New Series], Number 2 Fall 1983

Special issue Honoring Thomas Berger (Part 2)

Thomas Berger His World of Words and Stereoscopes of Style

    Max F Schulz

The World According to Carl Reinhart: Thomas Berger's Comic Vision

    Sanford Pinsker

The Voice of Our Culture: Thomas Berger's Reinhart in Love

    Ronald R. Janssen

The Kraft of Fiction: Nomenclatural Vandalism in Who is Teddy Villanova?

    Philip Kuberski

The Renegade Mood in Thomas Berger's Fiction

    David W. Madden

Works By and About Thomas Berger

    James Bense

Volume 2 [New Series], Number 3 Winter 1983–84

Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Eye of the Whole Man

    Carl Brucker

Southern Editorial Humor and The Crimean War

    Horace Perry Jones

"The Innocent Cause, Or How Snoring Broke Off a Match" A Sketch from the Dutch Fork School of Humor

    Jim Kibler

George Washington Harris's New York Atlas Series: Three New Items

    Ben Harris McClary

Did Sam Clemens Write "Learning Grammar"?

    Edgar M. Branch

Mark Twain and Hunter Thompson: Continuity and Change in American "Outlaw Journalism"

    Jeffrey Steinbrink


The Political Cartoon by Charles Press

    Miriam J. Shillingsburg

Discovering the Comic by George McFadden

    Andrew Tadie

Melville's Humor: A Critical Study by Jane Mushabac

    Carl Brucker

Mark Twain and "Life on the Mississippi" by Horst H. Kruse

    John Wenke

Volume 3 [New Series], Number 1 Spring 1984

Special Issue The New Yorker from 1925 to 1950

The New Yorker's First Quarter Century: The Ross Years

    David B. Kesterson

Thurber and the New Yorker

    Steven H. Gale

The Sparrow on the Ledge: E. B. White in New York

    Thomas Grant

Notes Towards a Definition of Robert Benchley's 1930s New Yorker Humor

    Eric Solomon

S. J.  Perelman: A Portrait of the Artist as an Aging New Yorker Humorist

    Sanford Pinsker

Hyman Kaplan Revisited

    Louis Hasley

The New Yorker Cartoon and Modern Graphic Humor

    M. Thomas Inge

Politics and Economics: The Emergence of a New Yorker Tone

    Don Hausdorff

S. J. Perelman: A Bibliography of Short Essays, 1932–1979

    Sarah Toombs

Volume 3 [New Series], Numbers 2&3 Summer, Fall 1984

Humor in Economic Depressions


    Jay Martin

Laughter as a Strategy of Containment in Southwestern Humor

    Lorne Fienberg

Hard Times in the Sixth Ward: Mr. Dooley on the Depression of the 1890s

    James De Muth

The Mask of the Befuddled Professor, or, A Theory of The Theory of the Leisure Class

    William L. Hedges

Why Did the Snopeses Name Their Son "Wallstreet Panic"? Depression Humor in Faulkner's The Hamlet

    Andrea Dimino

Will Rogers and the Great Depression

    William R. Linneman

"What Do They Know in Pittsburgh?" American Comic Film in the Great Depression

    Joanna E. Rapf

Eustace Tilley Sees the Thirties Through a Glass Monocle, Lightly: New Yorker Cartoonists and the Depression Years

    Eric Solomon

The Great Depression Humor of Galbraith, Leacock, and Mencken

    John W. Baer

S. J. Perelman: "The Keenest Hatred Of Chickens"

    Steven H. Gale

"The black, memorable year 1929": James Thurber and the Great Depression

    Robert D. Arner

A Checklist of American Humor Relating to Economic Depression

    Dale Salwal


Volume 3 [New Series], Number 4: Winter 1984–85

A Bibliography of Frontier Humor in the St. Louis Daily Reveille, 1844–1846

    Fritz Oehlschlaeger

Irving's "Mount Joy": Philosophy in the Comic Mode

    Donald A. Ringe

Sherwood Anderson's Buck Fever, or Frontier Humor Comes to Town

    Leland Krauth

Mark Twain's Two-Headed Novel: Racial Symbolism and Social Realism in Pudd'nhead Wilson

    Dorothy Berkson

Bald-Head Bill Bauldy: Simms' Unredeemed Captive

    Stephen E. Meats

Naturalist Humor in Will Cuppy's How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes

    Al Castle

The Function of Simile in Raymond Chandler's Novels

    Stephen L. Tanner

Review Essay

John Punterick: A Novel of Life in the Old Dutch Fork by Orlando Benedict Mayer and edited by James E. Kibler, The Dutch Fork by O. B. Mayer and edited by James E. Kibler, Fireside Tales: Stories of the Old Dutch Fork edited by James E. Kibler

    Stephen E. Meats



Abe Lincoln Laughing: Humorous Anecdotes from Original Sources by and about

Abraham Lincoln edited by P. M. Zall

    Kathleen O'Gorman

The Sage in Harlem: H. L. Mencken and the Black Writers of the 1920s

by Charles Scruggs

    Carl Brucker

Thurber's Anatomy of Confusion by Catherine McGeehee Kenney

    Peter A. Scholl

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet by Kimball King Boston

    Edward J. Piacentino

Volume 4 [New Series], Numbers 1&2: Spring, Summer 1985

Special Issue on Women's Humor



    M. Thomas Inge

Forbidden Jokes and Naughty Ladies

    Emily Toth

Sentiment and Humor: A Double-Pronged Attack on Women's Place in

Nineteenth-Century America

    Zita R. Dresner

Mary Noeilles Murfree's "Special" Sense of Humor

    Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV

Political and Social Consciousness in the Woman Suffrage Cartoons of Lou Rogers and Nina Allender

    Alice Sheppard

Mother Wit: Humor in Afro-American Women's Autobiography

    Lucinda H. MacKethan

The Different Humor of Shirley Jackson: Life Among the Savages

and Raising Demons

    Anne LeCroy

Woman's Sense of the Ludicrous in John Barth's "Dunyazadiad"

    Gabriella Bedetti

Why Are These Women Laughing? The Power and Politics of Women's Humor

    Suzanne L Bunkers

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Apocalypse: Laurie Anderson and

Women's Performance Art

    Kathryn Van Spanckeren

Agelaste or Eiron: American Women Writers and the Sense of Humor

    Nancy Walker

Volume 4 [New Series], Number 3: Fall 1985

Special Section American Literary Humor and Film


    G. Jack Gravitt

"Plastics": The Graduate as Film and Novel

    Pete Fairchild

Around the World in Eighty Ways: S. J. Perelman as Screenwriter

    Steven Gale

Laughing at Length: Notes on the Structure of Film Comedy

    Thomas M. Leitch

Comic Triumph in George Roy Hill's Adaptation of John Irving's The World According to Garp

    Andrew Horton


    David Middleton

Tygers' Harts in Players' Hydes: Actors Writing Poetry

    Sam Gwynn

Preston Sturges and American Comedy Theatre

    Tim Gamod


Cowboys and Cadillacs: How Hollywood Looks at Texas by Don Graham

    Joyce Glover Lee

Volume 4 [New Series], Number 4: Winter 1985–86

Garrison Keillor and the News from Lake Woebegon

    Peter Scholl

Franklin's Perfumed Proposer

    Wayne Glowa

Humor and the Muse in Philip Roth's The Ghost Writer

    Kathy Rugoff

Confederate Disciples of Momus: The Bugle-Horn of Liberty and

Southern Punch

    Edward J. Piacentino

A Bibliography of Frontier Humor in the St. Louis Daily Reveille, 1847–1850

    Fritz Oehlschlaeger

The Humor of Longstreet's Persona Abram Baldwin in Georgia Scenes

    Wilson Snipes

Joseph Gault, Cobb County Humorist

    Stephen Meats


Volume 5 [New Series], Number 1: Spring 1985

Deadpan Emotionalized: American Humor in a German Translation of Mark Twain's "Journalism in Tennessee"
   Birget Wetzel-Sahm
Aunt Polly's Predicament
   Trygve Thoreson
The Violence and Language of Swapping Lies: Towards a Definition of the American Tall Tale
   James E. Caron
Language as Self-Defense in Who is Teddy Villanova?
Jon Wallace
Emperors and Little Empires: The Schoolmaster in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
   George W. Crandall
Four Comic Themes in Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass
James T. F. Tanner
Newly Discovered Reprintings of G. W. Harris's Tales and Letters
Janet Galligani Casey


Redressing the Balance: American Women's Literary Humor from Colonial Times to the 1980s edited by Nancy Walker and Zita Dresner; A Very Serious Thing: Women's Humor and American Culture by Nancy Walker
Priscilla Leder
Texas Vulgar, Texas Legend? Fast Copy by Dan Jenkins
   Clay Reynolds
The Eight Corners of the World by Gordon Weaver
   Clay Reynolds
Samantha Rastles the Woman Question edited by Jane Curry
   Shelly Armitage


Volume 5 [New Series], Numbers 2&3: Summer, Fall 1986

Of Steaks, Compliments, and Death in Glendon Swarthout's Cactus League
   David L. Vanderwerken
Chimerical Realities: Black Humor in The Mysterious Stranger
Patricia M. Mandia
The South and John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces
Hugh Ruppersburg
Ferrol Sams and "His Majesty the Ego"
   Lewis Lawson
"Seeing the Elephant": Doesticks' Satires of Nineteenth-Century Gotham
   Edward J. Piacentino
An Anatomy of Mr. Dooley's Brogue
   John Rees
Humor and the Techniques of Humor in William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation    
   Ian Marshall
Mark Twain's Creation Myths: "Captain Stormfield" and Letters from the Earth
   Joseph B. McCullough and Donald Malcolm McCullough
Woody Allen's Lovably Anxious Schlemiels
   Sanford Pinsker
Groucho Lost and Found: His Other Letters
   Wes D. Gehring


Long Years of Neglect: The Work and Reputation of William Gilmore Simms edited    by Jim C. Guilds
Flannery O'Connor: A Study of the Short Fiction by Suzanne Morrow  Paulson
   Frederick Asals
At Home Abroad: Mark Twain in Australasia by Miriam Jones Shillingsburg
   Francis V. Madigan
The Man from Lake Wobegon by Michael Fedo
   Peter A. Scholl


Volume 5 [New Series], Number 4: Winter 1986–87

Special Issue Humor in Children's Literature

Introduction: A Few Words of Grace
   Mary-Agnes Taylor
The Comedians of Oz
   Celia Catlett Anderson
The Wit of E. L Konigsburg: To "One Dog Squatting" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
   D. Thomas Hanks, Jr.
Kipling's Humor—in All Its Promiscuous Parts
   Rebecca Lukens
The Weirdness of Shel Silverstein
   Ruth MacDonald
The Book That Scarry Built: Being in Part a Discourse on the Importance of the Role of Children in Children's Literature
   Clay Reynolds
A Merger of Traditions: Sources of Comedy in Roben McClosky's Homer Price Stories
   Gary D. Schmidt
Me Parece Que Aqui Algo No Ested Bien: Incongruity As the Basis of Children's Humor
    Ann Vliet
A Coon Alphabet and the Comic Mask of Racial Prejudice
   Elvin Holt


Volume 6 [New Series] 1988


   James T. F. Tanner
Humorous American Poets: How to Distinguish the Best from the Worst
   Don L. F. Nilsen
Puritan Humor in Seventeenth-Century American Poetry: Sarcasm as Consequence of the Persecution Complex
   James T. F. Tanner
Republican Rhymes: Constitutional Controversy and the Democratization of the Verse Satire, 1786–1799
   Judith Yaross Lee
Revolutionary Dialogics in American Mock-Epic Poetry: Double-Voicing in M'Fingal, The Anarchiad, and The Hasty -Pudding
   Constance J. Post
Robert Frost's "New Hampshire": A Most Jestful State
   William R. Linneman
Vers de Societe and the Philosophy of Moral Sentiment in Postbellum America
   Allene Cooper
Laughing at Logic: The August Humor of Wallace Stevens
   Jerry Bradley
Camping Up the Canon: Jack Spicer's Subaltern Wit
   Maria Damon
Russell Edson's Humor: Absurdity in a Surreal World
   Donald E. Hardy
Humor in American Poetry: A Highly Selected Checklist of Recent Scholarship and Criticism
   James T. F. Tanner

Food and Sex in Berger's Rex
   Klaus P. Jankofsky
The "Devil" in Mr. Bierce
   N. J. C. Vasantkamar
Narrative Strategies in Garrison Keillor's ‘Lake Wobegon’ Stories
   Michael Kline
Woody Allen and the Comic Tradition In America
   Karen C. Blancfield
The Humor of the Old Northeast: Barnum, Burnham, and the Hen Fever
   David E. E. Sloane


Gracious Laughter: The Meditative Wit of Edward Taylor by John Gatta
   James T. F. Tanner


Volume 7 [New Series] 1989


A Reading of Mr. Dooley
    John O. Rees
A Reader's Guide to P. G. Wodehouse's America
   Deepika Karle
On the Background and the Significance of Thurber's "Seal in the Bedroom" Cartoon
   Richard Raskin
Absentee Government, the Absurd Frontier, and the Laughable Origins of American Identity; or, The Twice-Told Fish Tale of Captain John Smith
    Thomas J. Haslam  
Childhood or Childishness: Wallace Markfield and Jewish Nostalgia/Sentimentalism
  Eric Solomon
Sanitation and Its Discontents: Refuse and Refusal in Donald Barthelme's Snow White
   Jay Berman Montresor
"Inside Benchley: The Early Dairies
   Wes D. Gehrig


Garrison Keillor:  A Voice of America by Judith Yaross Lee
   Peter A. Scholl
"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn": by David E. E. Sloane
   June Chase Hankins
Selling America: Puns, Language, and Advertising by Michel Monnot
Puns by Walter Redfern
    Thomas E. Murray


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