aturner.gif (169837 bytes) Jack Meathenia commissioned Ira Kennedy to do this stipple drawing of Arlin, backed by the Chapel on the Campus of Duke University.  At the time of this issue, Arlin was serving as the first (and only) Therese Kayser Lindsey Professor of English at Southwest Texas State University.  The date on the cover is 1976, although the actual publication date was 1979. Professor Turner was on hand for a brief ceremony at SWT, honoring him and presenting him with this issue.
wblair.gif (121249 bytes) This drawing first appeared on the cover of Vol. 1[New Series] Number 2.  Walter Blair assured me that this was the first drawing for which he ever received a payment.  The drawing appeared on several other issues, as well as a adaptation of the drawing which appeared on the special issue, edited by G. Jack Gravitt, devoted to humor in film.  Drawings by Walter also appeared in the special issue, edited by Hamlin Hill, honoring the many achievements of Professor Blair.  The special issue honoring Walter was the first of several during the years Studies was published at Southwest Texas State University.
jmeathenia.gif (159960 bytes) This cover is another commissioned stipple and design by Ira Kennedy.  Behind Jack's portrait are the covers from the first issue of Studies, the Walter Blair issue, the Arlin Turner issue and the Mark Twain in the ’70s issue. Jack was killed in an automobile accident in December, 1981, and this number contains essays to honor his work on the journal and with the American Humor Studies Association.
huckleberryblair.gif (162339 bytes) Here Walter imagines himself as Huckleberry Finn.  The drawing was the first to appear on a cover of Studies; in addition, the pages of the issue itself contain several more of Walter's drawings.  The back cover shows Walter as he imagines himself as perhaps a not-so-great athlete. walterasathlete.gif (137643 bytes)

You may click on any thumbnail image to see a full-sized version of the cover, the detail of which is sharper and much more distinct

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